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Epoxy coal tar anticorrosive steel pipe
Epoxy coal tar anticorrosive steel pipe

Epoxy coal tar anticorrosive steel pipe

Epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion coatings is composed of epoxy coal tar with two ma...
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Epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion coatings is composed of epoxy coal tar with two main components, is a (epoxy) b (hardener) a two-component coating, welding flange has excellent adhesion, toughness, resistance to moisture, water resistant, resistant to chemical medium, have prevent all kinds of ions through the paint film performance, with the coated objects with the characteristics of expansion and contraction. The paint film never falls off and cracks. Thickness 0.5 ~ 1.0mm. Epoxy-coal tar is a kind of anticorrosive form of high cost performance, and the engineering tests show that the asphalt with epoxy coal is protected by cathodic protection. Oil and gas pipelines have not been corroded for two decades.

Composition of epoxy coal asphalt primers and paint, are based on epoxy resin and coal tar as the main film-forming material, add various kinds of antirust paint, insulation fillers, toughening agent, flow ping agent, diluent, anti-settling agent and B component is modified amine curing agent or hardener as main ingredient, adding fillers. When the product is sold, A and B shall be supplied in A form, and shall be mixed in proportion to the construction, and shall be used up within the prescribed time after mixing.

Epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe is mainly used in underground or underwater steel oil, gas, water supply, heat supply pipeline outer wall corrosion, can also be applied to all kinds of steel structure, port, ship, sluices, gas tank, oil refining chemical plant equipment corrosion and concrete pipe, sewage pool, the roof waterproof layer, toilet, basement waterproofing of concrete structure and leakage, etc。

Characteristics of epoxy coal tar anticorrosive steel pipe:

山东群英会怎么玩1 for high-performance anti-corrosion coatings, epoxy coal asphalt coating, coating smooth, dense, hard, strong cohesive force, resistance to salt, water, soil microbial corrosion resistance, resistance to plant roots penetrability, etc are all excellent。 The coating and glass fiber cloth compound use, can enhance the mechanical property of the anticorrosion layer。

2. Normal temperature coating, natural curing, easy construction, can use manual or mechanical construction, especially suitable for site use.

Technical indexes of epoxy coal tar anticorrosive steel pipe:

The epoxy coal tar coatings are divided into two categories: epoxy coal tar primer and epoxy coal tar. The epoxy coal tar primer is a solvent - based product. Coal tar epoxy topcoat for series of products, according to the solid content is divided into no solvent (GH 201) and two types of thick slurry type 202 (GH), according to the coating used in heat temperature divided into heat resistance type (within 150 ℃ in use, charging W) and standard (within 100 ℃), for the user to choose according to the requirements of anti-corrosion engineering. This product enterprise standard Q/DH 02-2009 "liquid epoxy anticorrosive paint, its technical indicators and the China petroleum and natural gas industry standards SY/T 0447-96" the buried steel pipeline epoxy coal asphalt coating technology standards and SY/T 0457-2000 "steel pipe liquid epoxy coating anticorrosive coating technology standard", also conforms to the American water works association AWWA standard C 210-03 inside and outside the steel water pipelines liquid epoxy coating anticorrosive layer ".

Performance of epoxy coal tar coating:

The epoxy coal tar coating is widely used in underwater steel structure and the corrosion and seepage of cement components, underground pipelines and the protection of the lower tank of the air tank; The antisepsis of various machinery in the coastal and salt fields of the high temperature area; Chemical and other pipe internal and external wall corrosion。 The coal tar water resistant anticorrosive paint with excellent performance and good adhesion of epoxy resin paint, paint film is tough and advantages of high mechanical strength, good resistance to chemical corrosion, adding effective anticorrosive paint primer paint。 Salt tolerance fog above 1000h; Humidity resistance over 1000h。

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