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Steam insulated bend
Steam insulated bend

Steam insulated bend

The steam insulation bend is a kind of insulation pipe fitting, which is composed of high density polyethylene outer casi...
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The steam insulation bend is a kind of insulation pipe fitting, which is composed of high density polyethylene outer casing, polyurethane foam insulation layer and internal working steel pipe。 Main used for thermal insulation heat preservation elbow straight, generally with thermal insulation pipe, is based on thermal engineering design of pipeline to compensation effect, make the bend parts can have enough insulation performance, the standard elbow Angle: 30 degrees, 45 degree, 60 degrees, 90 degrees。

Steam thermal bend is widely used in liquid and gas transmission pipeline, chemical pipeline heat preservation engineering, petroleum, chemical industry, the central heating network central air-conditioning ventilation pipe, municipal engineering in the pipe bend. The insulation pipe (including elbow, tee, and four-way) is a kind of heat preservation, safe and reliable, and low engineering cost. Effectively solve the heating, cooling, heat, electricity, chemical industry, etc. Various kinds of pipeline engineering thermal insulation pipe insulation, curved piece of heat preservation, sliding lubrication, bare tube, bend of waterproof, anti-corrosion and other issues. It has not only the traditional trench and overhead pipeline, but also the advanced technology and practical performance, which has remarkable social benefit and economic benefit, and the steering of the insulated pipe.

The pore rate structure of polyurethane hard foam material in steam insulation bend is stable, which is basically closed hole, so it is not only good in heat preservation, but also anti - freezing and sound absorption。 The average life of the foaming polyurethane foam insulation can reach more than 30 years under normal use and maintenance。 All the materials by protective treatment, can in the life of the structure under the condition of normal use, due to the dry, wet and electrochemical corrosion, and because of the insects, fungi or algae growth, or because of the destruction of rodents, all from harm。 All materials of this product are mutually compatible with each other and meet the quality requirements of the relevant national standards。

Construction of steam insulated elbow:

1. The water and rainwater should be avoided in the construction. If the end of the end of the end is immobile, dry treatment should be done before joining the coat.

2. The pipe shall be stored in a flat place, and shall be kept in order. The height shall be less than 1.5 meters.

3. The pipe material can be hoisted in light weight, forbidden to collide, throw, and disable the steel wire rope to hang the body.

4. Insulation layer and anti-corrosion layer should avoid direct contact with flame. Please click the following procedure for the installation of the tube. The base treatment (drainage, pad sand) - tube - tube welding - test (water pressure) - installation (test pressure) - foaming - sealing foaming hole. Elbow, joint installation may send personnel to the scene of the project of joint heat preservation work, include installation, joint of casing pipe outside the joint and the scene of the connection and sealing head and joint foaming work, but does not include the joint part of the steel pipe welding work.

Raglan sleeve joint (1) way, in this way, the joint with precast insulation pipe casing pipe of the same material, density polyethylene casing, PE joint casing and heat shrinkable belt is adopted to improve the connection between supervisor and sealing, to ensure that the joint water tightness。 Then, the foaming hole in the joint casing is foamed and the foaming can be sealed with high density polyethylene。 The foaming hole is sealed through a patch or hot melt welding。

(2) thermal shrinkage zone, in the use of hot shrinkage zone, thermal shrinkage zone is a critical material for joint life and sealing. The company only adopts thermal shrinkage products approved by the European heating association. Existing thermal shrinkbelt products are offered by the us k&o or CANUSA. The thermal shrinkage zone and thermal melt temperature of the heat-shrinkable tube used for prefabricated heat insulation pipe joints in the area are suitable for this purpose.

Fused sleeve (3), using embedded resistance wire sleeve, the welding mode with bind belt tied hot melt for outer casing, and then began to welding power supply is connected, welding for the preset time, the power after welding, the casing is cooled off completely bind. In this way, the construction is simple and the welder is strong. The piping system can be installed in all known direct buried piping systems. In addition to the usual way of compensating for laying out, the advantages are shown in the following three types of uncompensated dressings. The temperature of the pipe in the whole welding line is equal to the ambient temperature of the backfill. Cold installation is a quick way to install the economy. The pipeline can be refilled in time due to the construction of the pipeline, which can save a lot of money because of the large reduction or even no need to set up the compensator and fixed support. Since the axial stress of the pipeline increases, it is sometimes necessary to strengthen the treatment or increase the embedding depth of the three links.

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