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Heat retaining diameter bend
Heat retaining diameter bend

Heat retaining diameter bend

The insulated radius bend is a kind of pipe fitting for pipe diameter. It is usually used to press the forming process fo...
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山东群英会怎么玩The insulated radius bend is a kind of pipe fitting for pipe diameter. It is usually used to press the forming process for reducing diameter pressing, diameter pressing or reducing diameter.

Insulation variable diameter bend reducing forming technology is will be equal and reducer big end diameter of tube rounds into the forming mould, through along the axial direction of tube billet, shrink along the cavity movement and metal forming. According to the size of the diameter of the reducer, it can be divided into one crushing forming or multiple crushing forming.

The diameter of the diameter of the thermal insulation radius is formed by the tube blank with the diameter of the diameter of the tube. The expansion process mainly solves the difficulty of reducing the diameter of the reducer by reducing the size of the diameter of the reducer. Sometimes, the diameter and the diameter of the reducer can be combined by means of material and product forming.

In the process of reducing or expanding deformation, the cold pressure or thermal pressure is determined according to different materials and varying diameters. Normally, use cold pressure as far as possible, but the condition of serious processing hardening, thick wall thickness or alloy steel materials should be used with hot pressure.

In addition to using steel pipe as the raw material to produce the different diameter pipe, some specifications of the diameter tube can be used for the production of sheet metal stamping process。 The die shape of the drawing is designed according to the surface dimension of the diameter of the tube, and the blanking drawing of the steel plate is formed with the punching die。

The thermal insulation pipe is widely used in the pipeline network of liquid and gas, the oil and chemical industry, the heat and heat network of the central heating system, the central air conditioning duct, municipal engineering, etc.

山东群英会怎么玩Made from steel tube outer protective layer, with high strength, not easy to damage and can bear trap top load characteristics, to achieve long life, need to have preservative treatment of steel outer casing, to ensure the safety of the heating pipe, can be in different temperature environment safer is widely used, especially suitable for high temperature steam pipeline project。

The characteristics of thermal insulation diameter bend:

1. It has a strong resistance to water and corrosion resistance. It does not need to be attached to the pipe ditch. It can be buried directly in the ground or in water. The construction is simple and quick, and the comprehensive cost is low.

山东群英会怎么玩2. The alarm system can be set up, automatic detection of leakage failure of pipe network, accurate indication of fault location and automatic alarm.

3. The thermal insulation of polyurethane foam insulation tubes is good, and the thermal loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe material. The long-term operation can save a large amount of energy and significantly reduce the energy cost.

4。 It also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under low temperature conditions and can be buried directly into the underground tundra。

5。 Proper installation and use can make the maintenance cost of pipeline network extremely low。

6。 The service life can reach 30 to 50 years。 USES: central heating pipeline, refrigeration pipeline, industrial pipeline, etc。

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