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Dirt separator
Dirt separator

Dirt separator

The decontamination device is a widely used part in petrochemical process pipeline....
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The decontamination device is a widely used part in petrochemical process pipeline. Its effect is to prevent impurities in the pipeline medium from entering the transmission equipment or precision parts, causing the production failure or affecting the quality of the product. The decontamination device is installed at the user entrance water supply main, as well as the heat source (cold source), heat (cold) equipment, water pump, control valve entrance. Its structural forms include type Y decontamination device, conical decontamination device, right-angle decontamination device and high pressure decontamination device. Its main materials are carbon steel, stainless steel resistant steel, manganese vanadium steel, cast iron and malleable cast iron. The inner filter has a copper mesh and stainless acid-proof wire mesh.

The decontamination device is used to remove impurities and fouls in the pipes, keep the water in the system clean, reduce resistance, protect the equipment and prevent blockages。

The structure of the decontamination device is divided into three forms: horizontal straight-through decontamination, horizontal Angle and vertical, and the vertical and straightway cleaner according to the national standard drawing R406。 The characteristic of the decontamination device is that the filter screen is improved to a special stainless steel strainer by the galvanized barbed wire as stipulated in the original standard drawing。 In the decontamination device, the flow of water enters the tube through the intake port, and the water filtered by the filter is drained from the outlet, and the dirt is settled down to the bottom of the decontamination device and discharged through the discharge。

The decontamination device should normally be set in front of the inlet of the heating system or before the entrance of the equipment. The straight-through decontamer is installed on the horizontal pipe, the horn ventilator can be installed on the pipe of right Angle turn, the installation is the direction of the arrow in the shell must be consistent with the direction of the flow. Periodic blowdown shall be performed during operation.

Pipeline cleaning device is also called pipeline filter, dirt separator, depending on the pipeline can be divided into vertical dirt separator, horizontal decontamination machine, vertical dirt separator can be divided into vertical straight-through decontamination machine, vertical Angle of dirt separator, horizontal dirt separator can be divided into horizontal road dirt separator, horizontal Angle dirt separator.

According to the automation of the decontamination device can be divided into manual decontamination device, automatic anti-flushing and decontamination device, automatic decontamination device.

Manual decontamination is manual discharge, the use aspect is not very convenient, but the price is cheap。

Automatic backwash decontamination device is manual blowdown, automatic backwashing, automatic anti-flushing as long as the valve can be opened, easy and easy.

Fully automatic decontamination device is to use the pressure gauge and the electric control cabinet to control the operation of the decontamer all the time, through the pressure difference between the two ends to control the electric control cabinet, the automatic valve opens to realize the discharge process.

According to the material of the filter material can be divided into carbon steel material and stainless steel! The general pressure is 6kg, 10kg, 16kg, 25kg, 40kg, and 233kg, according to the situation.

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