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Blind flange plate
Blind flange plate

Blind flange plate

Flanged blind flanges are also known as blind flanges. Is a form of the flange....
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Flanged blind flanges are also known as blind flanges。 Is a form of the flange。 One of its functions is to seal the end of the pipe, and the other is to have the effect of cleaning up the pipe during maintenance。 In the case of blocking, the same function as the cap and cap。 But the cover head is undetachable, and the flange blind plate is bolted and conveniently disassembled。 Flange blind panel material has carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, plastic etc。

The flange blind plate is isolated and cut off, and the effect is the same as the head and cap。 Due to its excellent sealing performance, it is generally used as a reliable method of isolation for systems requiring complete isolation。 A blind plate is a solid circle with a handle used for the normally isolated system。 And the 8 word blind plate, the shape is like 8 words, one end is the blind plate, the other end is the throttling ring, but the diameter is the same as the pipe diameter of the pipe, does not have the throttling effect。 8 word blind plate, easy to use, need to be isolated, use blind plate end, need normal operation, use throttling ring end, also can be used to fill the installation clearance of blind plate on the tube road。 Another feature is that the identification is obvious and easy to identify the installation state。

The flange blind plate is not galvanized when used in oil dielectric system。 It should be galvanized when used in other media systems。 The weight of the small dip zinc coating is 610g/m2, and the quality inspection of hot dip zinc is in CB*/ Z343。

Blind flange plate with the rapid development of domestic foreign minister pipeline construction, pipeline pressure test become an indispensable important link, in the before, during and after the test must be conducted for each section of the pipeline ball sweep line, generally for 4 ~ 5 times. Especially after the test pressure, the water in the pipeline is difficult to clean, the number of cleaning will be more. The problem of the construction method of the resoldered header in the receiving area is to increase the labor intensity of the workers. Secondly, it is necessary to repeat welding, which requires high energy consumption and high cost. For long distance pipeline pressure test to pass the ball after the scanning line, at the serve by repeated welding head method of high labor intensity big, consumables, need more large equipment, the problem of high cost, this paper proposes a new simple quick opening blind flange plate construction method.

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