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Marine flange
Marine flange

Marine flange

The ship flanges are used for the flanges of the ship, and the flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe. Con...
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The ship flanges are used for the flanges of the ship, and the flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe. Connect to the pipe end. The flange of the ship has holes in it, and bolts can be worn to fasten the two flanges. Gasket seal for Marine flanges. Marine flange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, fixed on a flange, a first between the two flanges, plus the flange gasket, bolt fastening together, complete the connection.

Marine flanges are divided into: national standard, non-standard, international standard: German standard, daily standard, American standard, British standard plain welding flange; According to process: Marine flat welding flange, Marine butt welding flange.

Marine flanging flange is a flange that is inserted into the flange of the flange, and the flanged flange is divided into two kinds: the flanged flanged flange and the plate type lap welding flange. The advantages of Marine flanging flange are simple manufacturing and low production cost, but not high temperature and high pressure. It is mainly used in the normal temperature pipeline under 2.5 MPa, which is the multi-flanges of the ship.

山东群英会怎么玩Marine butt welding flanges, also known as high neck flanges, refer to the flange that has a circular tube with the neck and is welded to the pipe。

The Marine welding flange is rigid and not easy to deform。 It is well sealed and widely used。 It is suitable for occasions where pressure is high, and the nominal pressure is about 16MPa。 Mainly used for compressed air piping and carbon dioxide piping。

Marine loose flange is also called the lap joint flange, are generally of the pipe material cost is high, adopt to reduce cost, and pipeline inscribed with the same material and different material combinations of flange, is to use the flange flanging, such as steel ring set on the pipe end, flange can be of a pipe on the pipe end activities.

Loose flange is commonly used in copper nickel alloy tube and telescopic joint。

Marine hydraulic flange its Marine hydraulic piping pressure is very high, so use a special socket type high pressure method, the thickness of the flange according to different pipe diameter in 30 mm, 45 mm left and right sides, this kind of flange generally adopt a concave flange and a convex flange connection, used o-rings as sealing material。

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