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6061method orchid
6061method orchid

6061method orchid

Light weight: 6061 method is lighter than other materials. Transportation and processing costs can be saved....
Product details

The advantages of the 6061 method orchid are as follows:

1。 Light weight: 6061 method is lighter than other materials。 Transportation and processing costs can be saved。

2, good strength, is better than 6061 method of the mechanical properties of steel, but its intensity is high, can add copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloy elements, made of aluminum alloy and heat treatment, and high strength is obtained。

3. Beautiful, suitable for various surface treatment: the aluminum flange and its alloy flange surface have the oxidation film, silver white, relatively beautiful. If treated with oxidation, the surface of the oxide film is stronger, and can be used for dyeing and painting. Make a variety of colors and glossy surfaces.

山东群英会怎么玩4. Corrosion resistance, good image resistance: aluminum and aluminum alloy flanges, the surface of the country can produce hard and dense oxide film, and many substances do not degenerate into it.

5. Chemicals resistant to chemicals: aluminum flanges do not react with chemicals such as nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc., and have very good resistance.

6. No magnetism: 6061 method orchid is nonmagnetic.

7. Non-toxicity: aluminum itself is not toxic, so aluminum flange is more suitable for medical machinery and food processing industry.

8. Low temperature: 6061 methods: when the temperature is low, the strength is increased instead of brittleness, so it is an idealistic cryogenic device material.

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