The company owns GB/t19001-2008 quality management system certificate_Hebei hengtai pipeline equipment manufacturing co. LTD


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The company owns GB/t19001-2008 quality management system certificate

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Hebei hengtai pipeline equipment manufacturing co。, LTD。, founded in 1985, formerly known as salt mountain county fittings factory, the restructuring has developed into a pipeline technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, pipe fittings, pipeline anticorrosion insulation, precision casting, building transportation machinery manufacturing, international trade as one of the large-scale industry and trade group co。, LTD。 Is a subsidiary of hebei hengtai industry &trade group co。, also has the hebei hengtai pipe and equipment import and export trade co。, LTD。, hebei hengtai building machine precision casting co。, LTD。, cangzhou long tai insulation anticorrosive engineering co。, LTD。, and the salt mountain bandung pipe technology co。, LTD。 The company has a total assets of 200 million yuan and a total of 660 employees。 Engineers accounted for 15 per cent of the workforce。

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