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Non-metal compensators
Non-metal compensators

Non-metal compensators

Non - metal compensation instruments have good comprehensive performance. It has been widely used in many engineering fie...
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Non - metal compensation instruments have good comprehensive performance. It has been widely used in many engineering fields. Low-pressure ventilation, dust removal exhaust and air conditioning insulated pipes and equipment usually use non-metal compensators.

The top of the "convex or concave" shape of the non-metallic compensation instrument; It is the same basic principle as the bellows compensator, except that the compensation scope of the rectangular compensator is not larger than the bellows compensator, and there are certain limits to the position of the setting! Polyethylene (HDPE) double wall corrugated pipe is a new kind of plastic tubing with circular corrugated outer wall and smooth inner wall structure。

Polyethylene corrugated pipe with high density polyethylene resin as raw material, with a certain amount of auxiliary agent, through plasticization, agent.

The rectangular ripple compensator is required to avoid the pressure of the foundation to the pipe when the pipe runs through the foundation girder or basement wall。

In the case of long heat pipe, the rectangular compensator should be installed to reduce the stretching of the ducts。

Non-metal compensation instruments have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, great strength of products, good bending performance and convenient construction and installation.

The non-metal compensator is suitable for cable tube, underground cable pipe, agricultural irrigation pipe, ventilation pipe, water pipe, etc。

Non-metallic compensator is widely used in steel mills, smelting, petroleum chemical plant, power plants, cement plants and nuclear power plants, such as exhaust smoke desulfurization, dust removal equipment, air heating, help flow blower equipment out of the entrance, metal bellow expansion joint, it is much better than criticism so consistent good reputation among customers, get promoted application.

Features of non-metal compensators:

1. Compensation expansion: it can compensate the multi-direction, which is much better than the metal compensator which can only be compensated with single type.

2. Compensation installation error. Due to the system error in the process of pipeline connection, the fiber compensator is better to eliminate installation error.

3。 Acoustic isolation: fiber fabric and moisture absorber itself have sound absorption and vibration isolation function, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of the boiler, fan and other systems。

4. No thrust: since the main material is fiber fabric, weak transmission. The fiber compensator can simplify the design, avoid large support, and save a lot of materials and labor.

5。 Good heat resistance and corrosion resistance: high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of fluorine and silicone materials used。

6. Good sealing: there is a relatively perfect production assembly system, and the fiber compensator is basically free of leakage.

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8. The price is lower than the metal compensator, and the quality is better than the imported product. The price is 1/2-1/5 of the imported product.

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