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Circular damper
Circular damper

Circular damper

Circular damper is also called round baffle door, round shut off door, circular adjustment door....
Product details

Circular damper is also called round baffle door, round shut off door, circular adjustment door。 The circular door is mainly used in power plant air duct, flue, or regulating medium discharge, and can be used in other industries, such as duct and flue。 The circular damper can change the flow of the system and the flow of the medium。 For the small diameter circular damper, it has two functions of intercepting and regulating the flow of the medium。 For a large circular damper with a large diameter, its adjustment function is not obvious, mainly applying its trunking function。

Circular damper is butterfly valve type single board structure, the front axle neck and takes the form of inner support outer seal, support for sliding sleeve structure, this structure is widely applied in the occasion of small units as well as the demand is not high. At home and abroad in order to adapt to the increasingly large number of 600 mw, 900 mw and 1000 mw unit, the company on the basis of the standards, the structure optimization design, developed a series of high performance new round damper, and large diameter to DN8000. Before a new round of damper rear axle neck and the inner seal outer supporting structure, special packing sealing, no leakage, high temperature resistant, good support in using the automatic self-aligning bearing lubrication, can automatically compensate the alignment of front axle deviation, ensure that round small throttle resistance, no jamming and flexible rotation.

The circular door is mainly used for the regulation of boiler hot air channel, according to the nominal size, and the specification is DN100- DN1400, etc. 18 kinds. The leakage rate of the wind gate in the whole closed state is less than 3%; High working pressure is less than 50kpa; High working temperature 400 ℃ or less.

The main properties and features of the round wind door:

1. Applicable to coal, smoke, dust, air and other media; Working temperature of 450 ℃ or less

2. The DD41 series of round wind doors have the common type and wear-resisting type to be used by users to guarantee the requirements of different working conditions and improve the service life of the wind doors.

3. DD42 series of wind doors have various forms from single shaft to six axis for selection.

4. Can adopt manual, worm gear, electric and other transmission modes.

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