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Power plant accessories
Power plant accessories

Power plant accessories

Our company produces the power plant accessories including quick pipe clamp, split pipe clamp, forging high pressure pipe...
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Our company produces the power plant accessories including quick pipe clamp, split pipe clamp, forging high pressure pipe clamp, forging low-pressure pipe clamp, repair manholes, manhole, with core stainless steel manhole, round air door, the flexible fabric compensator, flue ash hole, non-metallic compensator, etc.

The stainless steel manhole is located in the lower part of the tank, and the manhole is subjected to a lot of liquid pressure。 In order to prevent the leakage, the installation quality of the manhole must be strictly required。 The flange and cover plate are machined with a sealed waterline, and should be protected in the construction, so as to avoid oil seeping during use。 Each time you remove the manhole, you should mark it, so as to avoid the misalignment and the influence of the tightness。

Flexible fabric compensator can compensate the axial, angular, with no thrust bearing design, simplify, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, silencing damping characteristics of flexible fabric compensator is especially suitable for hot blast pipe and smoke pipe;

Flue ash hole is installed on top of the tank safety emergency ventilation device, usually with flame damper, using mechanical breather valve, can avoid the accident caused sharp overpressure or vacuum in tank and tank damage and accident, security fire effect, is to protect the safety of tank unit;

山东群英会怎么玩The circular door is mainly used for the regulation of boiler hot air channel, according to the nominal size, and the specification is DN100- DN1400, etc. 18 kinds. The leakage rate of the wind gate in the whole closed state is less than 3%; High working pressure is less than 50kpa; High working temperature 400 ℃ or less;

Non - metal compensation instruments have good comprehensive performance。 It has been widely used in many engineering fields。 Low-pressure ventilation, dust removal exhaust and air conditioning insulated pipes and equipment usually use non-metal compensators。

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