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Stainless steel manhole
Stainless steel manhole

Stainless steel manhole

The stainless steel manhole is located in the lower part of the tank, and the manhole is subjected to a lot of liquid pre...
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The stainless steel manhole is located in the lower part of the tank, and the manhole is subjected to a lot of liquid pressure。 In order to prevent the leakage, the installation quality of the manhole must be strictly required。 The flange and cover plate are machined with a sealed waterline, and should be protected in the construction, so as to avoid oil seeping during use。 Make a mark every time you remove the manhole, so as to avoid misplacement and the effect of tightness。 When installing the nut on the manhole cover plate, force the Angle evenly to avoid the oil seepage caused by the deformation of the cover plate or the uneven force。

Stainless steel manhole is an integral part of the storage tank. It is installed on the top of the storage tank with safety emergency ventilation device. It is common to use with anti-firearm and mechanical breathing valve.

Advantages of stainless steel manhole:

1。 The stainless steel manhole has good environmental protection and no carcinogenic factors。 It can be used in the high requirements of dairy, pharmaceutical, wine, food, cosmetics and biology。

2. Stainless steel manhole USES stainless steel materials with high strength, easy to process, corrosion resistance and high cost performance.

3。 The stainless steel manhole adopts the quick-opening structure, which not only opens for convenience and safety, but also has a practical and aesthetic appearance, and more importantly, it can be customized according to the requirements。

4. The installation of stainless steel manhole is easy to install, avoiding the complicated and dangerous work of the construction site and welding operation.

5。 The stainless steel manhole is superior in that the stainless steel manhole is hardly required to be maintained and maintained during the use of reasonable use, and it can guarantee the effect of use。

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