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Forged high pressure pipe
Forged high pressure pipe

Forged high pressure pipe

Forged high pressure pipe is often used in the installation of special water heating pipes....
Product details

Forged high pressure pipe is often used in the installation of special water heating pipes. The main function is to fix the pipe. Forging high pressure pipe clamp the plastic deformation method was adopted to processing wool embryo, the craft is usually divided into cold forging and hot forging, due to the particularity of processing technology and using the material and forging high pressure pipe clamp ability of high pressure, so as to adapt to all kinds of extreme pipe fixed under the circumstance of high voltage engineering, product and hence the name.

1。 Product overview of forged high pressure pipe card

Forging high pressure pipe is a high pressure tube card. The chemical standard of our country puts pressure to be more than 16MPa. It is mainly used in high-pressure steam equipment, high temperature and high pressure pipe, power plant and nuclear power plant pressure vessel, high pressure boiler fitting, etc. The forging of high pressure pipe card is mainly forged. Through the continuous beating of raw materials, the proportion and structure of the chemical composition of the material itself are changed, so that its performance is improved and improved. The forging method mainly includes die forging, free forging and cutting. Main standard, standard, standard, daily, British, German, etc. Main material carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. There are different rules for heat treatment of different pipe card products. The temperature control of the forging pipe is noticed during heating. Not all deformed pipe CARDS are treated for heat treatment. Forging high pressure pipe card for surface treatment, painting, oil painting, anti-corrosion insulation according to customer's needs.

2. Forging the high-pressure pipe card making process

Forged high pressure pipe card adopts the forging method. The die used in die forging should be made of rolled shape, such as rod, thick wall tube or plate. When using ingots as raw materials, the steel ingot should be rolled into a rod or used as a die forging before being used as a die forging, so as to eliminate the defect of segregation and loose in the ingot. After heating, the blank is put into the die (depending on the situation, it may be forged after the initial forging), the pressure makes the metal flow and fill the cavity; After die forging, if the blank has a flying edge, it will also go through the process of rushing to the edge of the fly to complete the whole die forging work.

3. Forging the installation process of the high pressure pipe card

1. Before assembly, to better determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended to make the marking at the fixed place first, then weld the welding, insert the lower part of the body of the pipe, and put the tube in place.

2. When installing, insert the lower half of the pipe and put the tube in place. Put the other half of the tube with the cover and cover plate and screw down to complete the installation process.

4. Precautions for the use of forged high pressure pipe CARDS

Do not directly weld the bottom plate of the high-pressure pipe。 Moreover, forging high pressure pipe clamp when the clamp hoop, in the interior of the clamp to daub a layer of lubricating oil, part to stuck the rubber sealing ring, and is the convex had to clamp in the interior of the groove, after hand tighten bolts, bolt tight when can use rubber hammer percussion band convex line, it is forbidden to use hammer or wrench hit to avoid damage to the surface of the pipe fittings such as heavy metal, reduce the safety performance。 When tightening the bolt, tighten the bolt cap first, and make sure that the rubber sealing ring is in the inside of the card, and the sealing effect is affected by the leakage of the sealing ring。

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