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Fast pipe clamp
Fast pipe clamp

Fast pipe clamp

A rapid pipe is a kind of pipe used in the installation of water heating....
Product details

A rapid pipe is a kind of pipe used in the installation of water heating. For ground fixation (note that the ground of the geothermal field or the position of the line where the pipeline is not to be fixed) the live line will not go through the gypsum line and the first pipe will be fixed.

Density, bending strength, impact toughness, compression strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, temperature resistance, color.

Installation of fast pipe card:

Before assembling on the solder panel, to better determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended to make the marking at the fixed place first, then weld the welding, insert the lower part of the body of the pipe, and put the tube in need. Put the other half of the tube and cover and screw tightly. Do not directly weld the bottom of the installed pipe.

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