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Foreign trade personnel recruitment:

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for sales and promotion of company products; Follow up customer and reply to customer mail;

2. Develop new market, develop new customers, and increase product distribution;

3。 Search for information of buyers, collect information, organize and file relevant information;

4。 Report on related business work。


1. Familiar with foreign trade correspondence and telecommunications, listening, speaking, reading, writing proficiency, fluent oral English, English requires above 4 levels.

山东群英会怎么玩2. Able to write and translate business letters in English.

3. Be good at handling customer enquiries, have certain development market ability, have organization coordination, communication and business negotiation ability.

4. Good gutter can coordinate, strain, learn ability, have analysis and plan ability;

山东群英会怎么玩5. Optimistic personality, good character, good faith, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, good communication skills and team consciousness and ability to execute, have certain anti-pressure ability.

Internal trade personnel recruitment:

Job responsibilities:

1。 Understand the products of the company, contact customers by telephone, information, network channels and other means, timely solve customers' consultation, promote products, guide customers' consumption, and facilitate orders;

2. Confirm the order and payment according to the workflow, and help the customer to inquire and follow the logistics;

3。 Call customers to solve the problems of customers' problems and satisfy customers' satisfaction;

4。 Other tasks assigned by the company。


1. Gentle, responsible, earnest and rigorous in work.

2, strong learning ability, obey the management, has the good professional quality, obey the superior management, and at the same time have their own independent, can be independent, doing things in company's interests first, establish a good image for the company。

3. Have a positive attitude towards work and life, can take the initiative and better finish the work, can bear certain work pressure.

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