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Ripple compensator
Ripple compensator

Ripple compensator

The corrugated compensator is a kind of compensating element. Use its work subject bellows telescopic deformation effecti...
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The corrugated compensator is a kind of compensating element. Use its work subject bellows telescopic deformation effectively, to absorb piping, pipe, container, etc is produced by the reason of heat bilges cold shrink and the size of the change, or compensation pipeline, pipe, container, etc. The axial, lateral and angular displacement. It can also be used to reduce noise and vibration. It is widely used in modern industry.

Corrugated compensators, also known as expansion joints, or expansion joints. The bellows (an elastic element) consisting of the main body of the work and the attachment of the end pipe, bracket, flange, and catheter. Mainly used in various pipelines, it can compensate the thermal displacement of the pipe, mechanical deformation and absorption of various mechanical vibrations, which can reduce the deformation stress of the pipe and improve the service life of the pipe. Corrugated compensator connection is divided into flanged connection and welding. Welding method is generally adopted for direct buried pipe compensator (except for trench installation)

Corrugated compensator is designed to use corrugated compensator of the elastic element of effective telescopic deformation to absorb piping, conduit or vessel from such sources of heat bilges cold shrink the size change of a kind of compensation device, belongs to a kind of compensation components. The absorption of axial, transverse, and angular displacement.

Detection of ripple compensator:

Due to different compensation forms of different types of corrugated compensators, there are mainly axial, horizontal, angular and combined compensation modes。 For the ripple compensator with multiple displacements, the total equivalent axial displacement is calculated, and the total equivalent axial displacement is calculated。 In other words, the measurement of the nominal displacement of the corrugated compensator is the detection of the total equivalent axial displacement。

The nominal displacement of the universal bellows is in fact the ability of the bellows to give a nominal displacement distortion。 With the expansion of the corrugated tube section (compensator), compensator, often referred to as the compensation, reflects the corrugated pipe's capacity to absorb system displacement, said under certain conditions, the compensation ability of products have big。 When the bellows are working normally, the displacement of the system should be absorbed, and the number of normal safe work displacement cycles must be guaranteed。 So corrugated pipe in the design, according to the size of displacement of each wave can absorb, the design has a certain number of, as each wave are evenly displacement under load, there is no partial overload, corrugated pipe can normal work。 When the design is reasonable, it can ensure that the design work displacement cycle life times。 In the standard of JB/T 6169-92 "metal bellows", the test of this performance is regulated。

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