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Seamless steel pipe
Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe

Seamless tube bending process is followed the bent pipe bending diameter ratio are added....
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山东群英会怎么玩Seamless tube bending process is followed the bent pipe bending diameter ratio are added, the profit of elbow product serious kneading winding forming method: there are three kinds of method is relatively common, thick wall tube bending process is a way to call extension method, another method called stamping method.

When bending the tube, the section of the curved section is changed from the original circle to the ellipse because of the change in the thickness of the outer tube wall in the curved section of the pipe。 Bend the change of the cross section shape, can make the pipe flow cross-section area is reduced, thus increasing fluid resistance, but also reduces the ability of the pipe under internal pressure, therefore, tend to bend the ellipticity of do the following provisions: pipe diameter less than or equal to 150 mm, ellipticity shall not be greater than 10%; When the diameter is less than or equal to 200mm, the elliptical ratio should not exceed 8%。

山东群英会怎么玩Analysis and attention to the main causes of the quality degradation of bending pipes:

1. When pure bending, the external force of the tube is applied to the outer arm of the sexual layer and the lateral arm wall is reduced by tensile stress & 1. The effect is thickened and the force N1 and N2 make the cross section of the tube change. Based on this factor, causes the decrease of the quality of the bent pipe main reason for the RX and SX so GBJ235-82, RX value of under various pressure levels and thinning of the lateral mass were made specific provision, the purpose is to control the value of RX and SX, to ensure the quality.

2, has spoken of the preceding article, bend the material of the lateral tensile, compression of the inside of the neutral axis location is different and pipe bending method, when he worked in top bending type (compression bending) neutral axis in about 1/3 from the outer wall, the rotating bending (bend), neutral axis in two-thirds from the outer wall. Therefore, the thin-wall duct is bent, and it is beneficial to use the bending method.

3。 The precision of bending tire is also one of the factors that influence the quality of bend pipe。 When we manufacture the curved tyres, we also require the user to choose the corresponding curved tire according to the bending diameter when using。

4。 The bending performance and surface corrosion of the tubing itself may also affect the quality of the bending pipes。 During site construction, the operator also needs to understand the material of the treated piping, the processing performance and the production judgment of the surface corrosion。

Enterprise in traditional bend pipe production process, to get a better bend surface quality and will take a lot of ways, including: adopting more advanced pipe bending machine, with higher mold intensity, or use the way such as lubricant。 The pipe bender and high strength of mold, the enterprise often require very big money to complete, only using bending tube lubrication products is relatively cheap and quick to enterprise product quality requirements。 But in the traditional production process, oil-based bend lubrication products can satisfy the business enterprise at the request of the elbow bend pipe production quality, but the oil-based bend lubricant is not easy to clean and pollution to the environment is very prominent, so that enterprises must adopt more means to eliminate because lubrication oil-based bend product on the quality of the final product, putting in more effort and money。 And IRMCO bend the arrival of the water-based lubricant that meet the requirements of enterprise to bend the product quality, and can avoid and reduce the enterprise because of using oil-base bend lubrication products and increase the investment, optimize enterprise production process completely。

In the process of traditional oil-based lubricant products application, the enterprise the production efficiency is greatly restricted, because oil-based lubricant products and very difficult to cleaning liquid, more caused the pollution of production environment and working conditions for workers, enterprises to clear these pollution often need to spend a lot of money and manpower. The use of human resources can reduce or even avoid the above cleaning of pollution, which can be directly welded and greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises. And the amount of IRMCO water base bent tube fat can be reduced by 50% to 80% less than traditional lubricating oil, which can save more expense for enterprises.

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