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Large-caliber bend
Large-caliber bend

Large-caliber bend

Refers to the bent pipe of large diameter bend large diameter bend....
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Refers to the bent pipe of large diameter bend large diameter bend. Either way machinery and equipment, mostly use elbow pipe, large diameter pipe bending is the main purpose of oil and gas, fluids, etc., on aircraft and its engines more occupies an important position.

Use of large-diameter elbow:

A. When the large diameter bend is bent, the external force of the tube will be reduced by the tensile stress of the lateral arm of the sexual layer under the influence of M. The inner compressive stress. The effect is thickened and the force N1 and N2 make the cross section of the tube change. Based on this factor, causes the decrease of the quality of the bent pipe main reason for the RX and SX so GBJ235-82, RX value of under various pressure levels and thinning of the lateral mass were made specific provision, the purpose is to control the value of RX and SX, to ensure the quality.

B, large diameter tube bending pipe bending is material of the lateral tensile, compression of the inside of the neutral axis location is different and pipe bending method, when he worked in top bending type (compression bending) neutral axis in about 1/3 place, from the outer wall in spiral curved (bend), neutral axis in two-thirds from the outer wall. Therefore, the thin-wall duct is bent, and it is beneficial to use the bending method.

C. The bending tube of large calibre bend is also one of the factors that influence the quality of bend pipe. When we manufacture the curved tyres, we also require the user to choose the corresponding curved tire according to the bending diameter when using.

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