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Pipe hanger
Pipe hanger

Pipe hanger

A pipe hanger is a structural member used for laying pipe supports on the ground....
Product details

A pipe hanger is a structural member used for laying pipe supports on the ground.

The pipe hanger is divided into fixed bracket, sliding bracket, guide bracket and rolling bracket.

The pipe hanger is used in any area where the pipe is laid, and it is also known as pipe support, pipe, etc. As the supporting structure of the pipe, the pipe frame is divided into two types according to the operating performance and layout requirements of the pipe. Become fixed bracket set fixed point, this kind of pipe rack and pipe support cannot occur relative displacement, and fixed the deformation of pipe rack and pipe compensator, compared to the deformation value of should be very small, because the pipe rack to have enough rigidity. The place where the middle support is set is adopted for the movable pipe rack, which allows the relative displacement between the pipe and the pipe rack, and the thermal deformation of the pipe is not restrained.

Tube steam-water pipes in the design of structure and form to choose is an important part in the design of pipe system, pipe bracket in addition to support the piping weight, special pipe bracket can balance the piping forces, limiting displacement of pipeline and absorb shock, in the pipe system design, reasonable structure of the pipe bracket, correct selection and arrangement, can improve the stress distribution of the pipeline and the force of pipe rack, ensure the safe operation of the pipeline system, and extend its service life.

Installation method of pipe support hanger:

1. Installation of embedded mounting bracket;

2. Welding bracket mounting;

3. Expansion bolt normal bracket installation;

4. Mounting bracket;

5。 Mounting of the stenting。

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