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Spring support
Spring support

Spring support

Spring support is suitable for the displacement range for VS (0 ~ 180 mm) and TD (0 ~ 120 mm), load range is 154 ~ 217384...
Product details

Spring support is suitable for the displacement range for VS (0 ~ 180 mm) and TD (0 ~ 120 mm), load range is 154 ~ 217384 n, using temperature range - 20 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ of variable spring hanger.

The spring bracket is designed according to the principle of moment balance. The load torque and spring torque are always balanced in the specified load displacement range. Therefore, with the displacement of the pipe and equipment supported by the constant suspension, the constant supporting force can be obtained without adding additional stress to the pipe and equipment. Constant condole commonly used in need to reduce the stress, displacement, such as power station boiler of power plant steam, water, smoke air ducts and burner, such as suspension parts, and petrochemical equipment, and other places need to reduce the displacement stress.

Precautions for the use of spring brackets:

1, installation load, provided by the factory according to user access, two pieces of steam-water positioning block will spring under the dashboard and fixed on the corresponding position and installation load, make the steam-water spring in a rigid state。

2。 After cleaning and water pressure test, the pipe can be put into use after removing the upper and lower positioning blocks。

3。 When the pipe starts to run, check whether the location block has been removed and check whether there is a card resistance phenomenon in the displacement process of the indicator board from the installation load to the working load。

4. When the pipe is in normal operation, check whether the displacement of the spring support hanger is consistent with the design. After the pipe stops running, check whether the indicator board is reset to where the load is mounted. Check the suspension of the spring.

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