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Thick wall tee
Thick wall tee

Thick wall tee

There are many kinds of pipe fittings of thick wall three-pass pipe fitting, and there are several main types....
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There are many kinds of pipe fittings of thick wall three-pass pipe fitting, and there are several main types:

1. Variable diameter pipe fitting, which refers to the reduction of the diameter of a part of the pipe or pipe;

2。 The pipe piece with thick wall thickness, which means that the wall thickness changes along the length of the pipe;

3。 Change the pipe fitting of the section, and make the circular section square, elliptic, polygon and so on according to the requirements;

山东群英会怎么玩4. Bending pipe fittings, we have more contact, which is to turn the straight pipe into a curved pipe with different curvature radius, such as elbow, bend pipe, cast iron drainpipe, etc.

5. The pipe fitting with a flange and a round edge, the former refers to the end of the tube to the inside or outer convex, the latter refers to the pipe that forms a raised or grooved in the circumference of the tube;

6. Pipe fittings with winding edges and seals, increasing the total strength of the pipe end to the outer or inside of the tube or the pipe fittings that are sealed in the end of the pipe; Expanding the pipe fitting, and the pipe fittings should be expanded to form various shapes in accordance with the requirements.

Our company produces thick wall tee with professional forging, welding and other process。

Thick wall tee with forging is excellent, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistant high temperature resistant, reasonable prices, good appearance, texture characteristic such as being strong of performance, widely used in water conservancy electric power, food, fire protection system, aerospace, beer dairy processing production, etc.

The three links can be used in various industries and can be divided into the following categories in different types:

1。 The production method can be divided into top system, pressing, forging, casting and so on。

2. The division of manufacturing standards can be divided into national standard, electric standard, water standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard and so on.

Processing mode: thick wall tee with high precision CNC lathe turning, common lathe, argon arc welding and other processing.

Manufacturing standard: the production standard of thick wall three-way is the national standard, the American standard, the standard, the standard, the electric standard, the ship standard.

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