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Alloy tee
Alloy tee

Alloy tee

The three-way alloy is mainly used for pipe fitting in pipeline installation. Connect two of the same nominal diameter tu...
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The three-way alloy is mainly used for pipe fitting in pipeline installation. Connect two of the same nominal diameter tube, and make the line do turn 90 ° or other angles. The alloy tee is a kind of general term of various bending heads, it has many kinds of materials, common carbon steel, manganese steel, nickel steel and so on. The three-way alloy is widely used. Ordinary bronze alloy santong is more common in the general tap water pipe, but with the improvement of living standard, many tap water pipes are converted to stainless steel elbow. Manganese steel alloy material tee with manganese steel can withstand shock, extrusion, material wear of excellent properties, such as is commonly used in the conveying pipe, mud pipeline etc wear consumption more serious in the pipeline. The three-way alloy of high manganese steel is used in the pipeline with stronger fluid flow and stronger impact. Nickel alloy steel quality tees are usually used in high concentration of oxidizing acid (nitric acid, sulfuric acid) at room temperature in the pipeline, but in reducing acid (hydrochloric acid, thin sulfuric acid, etc.) of severe corrosion in the pipeline will be, unless the hydrochloric acid concentration is very low; Martensitic alloy tee under 650 ℃ high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and water vapor corrosion resistant ability, but poor weldability. Therefore, it is often used in high temperature water vapor transmission pipelines and water gas pipelines.

Classification of three-way alloy:

According to the pipe diameter classification

1。 Same diameter tee: the supervisor has the same tee as the branch pipe diameter

2。 Different diameter tee: the diameter of the branch tube is less than that of the supervisor

Classify according to the docking form

1. Butt welding: it is the three-way pipe that is welded after docking with the pipe fittings.

山东群英会怎么玩2. Socket type three pass: it is the three - pass fittings that insert the connecting pipe into the end of the three-way end.

3。 Card set type tee: it is the three-pass pipe that the end is the card sleeve joint and the pipe piece is inserted。

山东群英会怎么玩Thread three - pass: three - pass pipe fitting with threaded connection.

According to material classification

Can be divided into stainless steel triton, carbon steel tee, copper tee, PVC tee, etc. Classify by branch

1。 Positive three: it is the three-way pipe fitting for the vertical supervisor of the branch。

2. Skew tee: a three-way pipe with a certain Angle between the branch and the supervisor.

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